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PFA tubing PFA, PTFE & FEP Formulations
  • Chemical inert; low permeability
  • Manufactured from FDA-sanctioned ingredients for use with food contact surfaces
  • Lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material
  • Widest service temperature of any plastic tubing (-275°F to 500°F)
  • Excellent electrical and weatherability properties; non-flammable
  • Made without plasticizer which can leach into critical streams
  • Ultra-high-purity grades available for the semiconductor industry

Made in USA

Physical Properties**
Hardness, Shore D 60 50-65 55
Tensile Strength, psi 3500 3000-5000 3500
Elongation at Break, % 300 200-400 300
Brittle Temperature <-329°F <-400°F <-400°F
Max. Continuous Op. Temp. 500°F 500°F 400°F

**Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for the application.


Almost totally inert, Fluoropolymer can be used with virtually all industrial solvents, chemicals, and corrosive materials, even at elevated temperatures. It does, however, react with fluorine, molten sodium hydroxide, and molten alkali metals.

Fluoropolymer Tubing can be steam or chemically sterilized in-line with any industrial cleaner, solvent, or sterilizing method.

Fluoropolymer's non-stick property allows transport of viscous, sticky materials without line clogging. It also offers outstanding aging resistance.

FEP & PFA are clear in color and can be heat sealed and heat bonded. PTFE's translucent white color will vary naturally from lot to lot, however, the quality and physical properties do not change.

Custom sizes, colors, and permanent color striping, repetitive cutting, etching, and longer-than-listed lengths are also available.

Polyethylene-jacketed, thin-wall fluoropolymer tubing, for low-cost purity, is also available through minimum order -- call for details. Samples of stock material are available upon request.

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Fluoropolymer Tubing - PFA, PTFE, & FEP tubing
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